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Opening workshop and EAST-NMR regional meeting

Centre for structure, dynamics and interaction of biomolecules

The official opening of the NMR lab of the Centre for structure, dynamics and interaction of biomolecules, as part of the Slovak National NMR Centre, will take place at the Institute of Chemistry SAS Bratislava on 15th December 2009 at 10:00. In scope of the State program 2003SP200280203 the infrastructure of the NMR lab was upgraded. Two Varian VNMRS spectrometers: 400 MHz for routine experiments and 600 MHz for specialized experiments, are now avialable for the users.
EAST-NMR regional meeting will start at 2 p.m. on December 15, 2009 with the following program.

Lectures of the Slovak National NMR Centre

European social fund - project Meditech

The NMR lab at FCHPT STU, Bratislava is a partner of the project Meditech. Series of lectures, with the topic "NMR in medicine", will be held during the year 2007. Lectures will deal with MRI - magnetic resonance imaging, NMR spectroscopy applications in structure elucidation and applications in biological systems. Lectures are intended to undergraduate students, PhD students and scientists with interests in NMR.

School of NMR spectroscopy

5.-9. February 2007 Course of NMR spectroscopy for potential users will take place
at Slovak National NMR Centre , FCHPT STU in Bratislava